Where’s the beef?

My friend Michelle’s brand new blog about adult Sensory Processing Disorder.

Under the Mattress

If, you have heard the phrase “Where’s the beef?” then, it’s likely we’re in the same ball park in age, you and I or at least the same generation.

I turned 35 in August. I grew up with undiagnosed SPD. I received a diagnosis only a month ago.

Getting to that diagnosis was not easy. Honestly, I’m surprised that I have any hair left on my scalp after the merry-go-round ride it took to find a professional who not only believed I wasn’t nuts, but confirmed that what I have been dealing with is, indeed, a legitimate condition! This person who believed in my sanity is an Occupational Therapist (OT), whom I see weekly now.

In reading and surfing the internet, trying to educate myself on SPD, I have found that information and support for adults with Sensory Processing Disorder is glaringly absent. What I have found is a plethora of…

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