Where Do You Go When You Don’t Like Facebook?

picons20Thanks to Beth Owl’s Daughter, I found MeWe.  Think of it as the opposite of FB. Your content belongs to YOU and you alone. None of the FB hidden crap, tracking, selling of your content, using apps to gain your info…none of it. Now it seems quiet over there, but it looks like a lot of people actually are members; the finding of the ones you know is the difficult part.

There was a big deal about a site called Tsu, which also gives you control over your content, but what I got the most out of it was that it felt like a Pyramid Scheme; follow me and you get money. The more of you who do, the more I get. Lots of “follow me, cuz it’s to great!” posts everywhere. I signed up and then unsigned the same day.

I know we all like to stick to tried-and-true, and FB is that in many ways. And when a new place seems “quiet”, like G+, everyone bails instead of sticking it out (and then there are countless articles about how it’s “dead”). I love both sites; MeWe because it’s private (before you say, “well, what good is that??”, don’t you have your FB account locked??  Yeah, exactly.), and G+ because it shows up in searches very quickly. Plus, G+ Circles are the perfect way to post to certain people without others seeing it (keep those not interested in this or that subject free from having to read them. Win!) and their Collections makes finding your posts again really, really easy, and people can follow a particular Collection (click on that link, you won’t regret it!), but not your entire account. Win! MeWe has “Groups”, which you invite people to (or there are public ones – as far as public goes in a private medium), and then you can use them as you would Circles on G+.

picons13Facebook is NOT it. It has horrid practices, couldn’t give two shits about your privacy, uses memes to gain info, wants only your REAL name so they can track more stuff about you….why anyone stays is beyond me. Heck, they can still track you AFTER you’ve deleted your account, unless you use some of the apps out there to prevent that. And if you use it on your phone, damn, they pretty much have access to your entire life right at their fingertips.

So come check out some FB alternatives! I’m on G+ and on MeWe. See you there!

©Pip Miller – August 2015

PS: my opinions about FB are, naturally, my own; feel free to disagree. 🙂


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