MeWe Because Privacy Matters

I’ve been talking about privacy for a while now, and it’s still difficult to get people to switch to apps and extensions that promote that, sadly. I won’t give up, though!

In that vein, I’m back to promoting a site that doesn’t track you or sell your info: MeWe. It’s reminiscent of Facebook, but has its own tweaks to the format. Right off, you should read the Privacy policy and then take the Challenge and see how your social media sites are stalking you. I’m using Opera as my browser, with it’s VPN on, I have a bunch of extensions such as FB disconnect, Twitter disconnect, ad block going, and yet when I ran the challenge just now, it shows that there are at least 101 tracking cookies stalking me. The most, naturally, are from FB, and Twitter is next. That’s scary. MeWe promises that it doesn’t track anything, and that we the members own our content. Granted, it’s a promise we are taking on faith, but my hope is that it holds true.

I like that you can create private groups (I have one just for my family), as well as public ones, just as with FB. You also have a feed called “My World”, in which you can post public (‘public’ meaning for MeWe members only) stuff, or you can choose to only post to groups and have absolutely nothing show as ‘public’.

There are a lot of groups you can join if you’d like to go for that FB/Twitter feel, too.

Each profile comes with an 8GB cloud, which you can click on, see what you have in there, and even delete items. Once you hit that 8GB, you can purchase more room for a monthly fee (prices vary according to how many GB you desire).

So far it seems like a neat place, it just needs more people! Sign up here, or through the link to my profile. Once you sign up, be sure to go to ‘Settings’ and set things up the way that makes you feel comfortable. And for each group you join/create, do the same (settings for your profile do not translate to setting for groups). One setting I always choose is that no one can share my posts or pictures outside the group…that’s an important one to me. I also disable the chat option, though there is no way to minimize the chat box when you’re viewing a group. 😦

Give it a whirl! I just told my coworker about it yesterday (another “I hate to use FB, but my family does…” grumbler), and he’s excited to dive in and get his friends and family to move there. Privacy matters, especially now!

©Pip Miller – March 2017

ETA: Forgot. There’s also a phone app, too!


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