To Newsletter or Not to Newsletter

I have one. It’s on TinyLetter, which is part of MailChimp and soon will be integrated into MailChimp and be gone (though I’m sure the newsletter will look a lot fancier on MC). I’m not sure how I feel about having one. “Everyone” says it’s a must to grow followers and, hopefully, clientele, but does it really? How many of you subscribe to a newsletter and then actually read it? Where I worked until recently, the newsletter list was in the thousands, yet less than 500 opened them each month. Even though there were discounts and news about classes or book-signings, etc.

So what do you guys think? Should I get to work on it again, or let it go and give you all the news here instead of your inbox?

©Pip Miller – April 2018

2 thoughts on “To Newsletter or Not to Newsletter

  1. I used to do a newsletter, but quit after a short time, especially since I blog on wordpress. Subscribing to the blog does the same thing….puts contact into a subscriber’s inbox…and is one less thing for me to do. I couldn’t see where newsletters capture audience that isn’t already there via the normal blog and social media. Social media saavy seems far more important now. than an newsletter anyway, but that is just lazy, old, twitter-lovin’ me.



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