New Cool Thing

One of my favorite authors, Kevin Hearne, tweeted about the wakelet he created, and of course I had to go see what exactly a wakelet is. It seems kind of like an Evernote/Pinterest/Google Collections mash-up. I like that you can save things like a Twitter thread since so many fantastic ones I read get lost in the ever-changing feeds. I also like that you can make the wakelets (wakes?) private, shareable, or public. I have a few wakelets in mind for certain things I’m interested in.

I just created an account; does anyone out there have a Wakelet account I need to follow?

©Pip Miller – April 2018

PS: Just a heads-up: beginning tomorrow I’m going to do my best to post daily, possibly in an A-Z manner, as I begin a alcohol-free life. 🙂


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