B is for Bubbly

Water, that is. Sparkling water. Alcohol-free.

Do you hear the Beverly Hillbillies song in your head too?


Yesterday I discovered that the flavored water section of the grocery store has exploded with brands and flavors, and I snagged myself these babies.

The bottom one has more flavor, but I did drink the blackberry vanilla when it was warm, so I’ll see how it is nice and cold. This brand has the most creative flavors; cucumber melon and pineapple coconut are just two of the others I chose from.

Do you have a favorite brand or flavor? Let me know so I can try it out!!!

Yesterday was an easy ‘no drinking’ day, but then the first day always is. Ask me again Thursday. 😉

Much love,


©Pip Miller – May 2018

5 thoughts on “B is for Bubbly

  1. We’ve been doing lots of that too…healthy hydration without sweetner. Hubster & my favorite is a local store brand (Giant Eagle) ruby red grapefruit flavor. The padawan’s fare is Bubly strawberry.Favors have more oompfn than the more expensive La Croix and Polar



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