I’ve Been Raging At THAT MAN For Too Long

Ever since the election, I’ve been in a state of, well, quite frankly, “Define Interesting.” “Oh god, oh god, we’re all gonna die.”* Rage, fear, stress, depression, despair, helplessness…you name it. So many of us have been – and it’s draining us.

I’ve been caught in the quicksand, unable to pull myself out, finding myself retweeting post after post, unable to step back and not feed the beast. I didn’t know how else to make a difference, but I think in reality, I was just another person making things a little bit worse with the endless focus on the negative. I haven’t been mindful of what I’ve been adding to the mix, and I apologize to those who have been caught up in my fear. I’m fairly sure I’ve lost a friend or two along the way, and that saddens me.

This morning I woke, checked Twitter, and slowly it dawned on me that I *can* make a difference, one that is more subtle, but no less important than helping bring to light all the darkness that’s been festering for too long. I’m a lightworker. I’m supposed to be working on the side of service, not regurgitating negativity. As my friend Michael said, “Be the light, Pip. Be the light.”

By working to help others feel better via distance healing sessions, I, and others who have this ability, can begin aiding souls so stuck in that quicksand that they’ve lost hope of ever getting out. Souls that have been abused and are still to afraid to talk about it, souls that endure racism and hatred daily, souls that have lost all hope.

I can’t change your life, but I can ease some of the stress and pain for a bit. I can help bring “healing harmony” (thanks, Alice, for coming up with that phrase to describe what I do!) to your mind and body, giving you a time of peace in which to feel comforted and rested.

I hope you’ll do me the honor of allowing me to help you in whatever small way I can. I offer sessions for $1.00 a minute, and I also have more intense sessions that work to help you speak your truth, which has a different price structure.

I look forward to being of service, and I promise to slow down on all the retweets! 🙂

©Pip Miller – January 2018

*From Serenity.



And now…a Fauxdori!

Yep, I recently jumped on that bandwagon, and found a fauxdori at Michael’s near Thanksgiving last year. It’s a pretty blue, and it’s the traditional tall and narrow size. I had a 50% off coupon, and figured this would be a great, inexpensive (for once!!) way to test out a new planner. 🙂

It came with 2 “books” (each bound insert is called a book) and a craft-holder book that I immediately took out as it tore when I tried to use it. I purchased two more books and now it’s holding 4.

The covers are basic tan cardboard, unadorned.

There’s a blank book…

One with grids…obviously I decided not to include these here. 😉

And an undated calendar. I like the blank page to the right for notes!

I don’t remember who, but someone mentioned covering the staples in each book with washi tape, so I used heart stickers that I had, and it made it pretty. 🙂 I decided to split each book into two, using each half for a different purpose until I figured out exactly how I wanted to use a faudori. This is my healing work section.

This is the front book, which is basically a notepad.

In the calendar section I decided to pull a Sacred Rebels Oracle card once a week and keep track of it to the right of the daily planner. That ended quickly and now it’s notes for the day, as mentioned above.

I’ve been carrying it with me daily, and to be honest, it’s pretty much turning into just another notebook. I’m using the calendar to note appointments and things, but the rest of the books are filling with notes about different things, and none will end up being important enough to keep long-term, I suspect. I even started one section as a BOS (Book of Shadows), but one, I’m really just now starting to see if witchcraft is a direction I want to go in, and two, it just didn’t feel right. I call myself a patchwork pagan, and I don’t really have a lot of rules for what I do. So instead I bought a 5-subject notebook and it’s become my journal-BOS-of-sorts-important-tarot-spreads-(like for the year, not daily ones)-and-other-things-I-will-actually-want-to-keep-long-term book.

I know many LOVE the flexibility of a ‘dori, and I totally get that. I guess I still haven’t found my “perfect planner”, and I’m beginning to suspect that there isn’t one out there for me. I’ve come to the conclusion that planning isn’t my thing…I’m more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person, and I end up with lots of blank pages in any planner I purchase.

I’m keeping and using the Fauxdori, and when the calendar ends at the end of June, I’ll purchase another to get through the year, but next year, honestly?, I may just buy one of those little thin date books for my purse. 5 years of buying planners and inserts has shown me, without a doubt, that all I really need it one of those and a journal.

I’m keeping my Malden, though. 🙂

©Pip Miller – January 2018

How Did I Get Here?

Hey! Did you Google Heart’s Peace Healing and find yourself here?

You’re in the right place! I integrated my healing website into this site because of the very, very large WordPress community. I like interaction, and comments are given here and not on Weebly, sadly. It’s a great platform, and I will miss it.

Look around, check out the menu and the different pages, read the blog…have fun! And thanks for stopping by!

©Pip Miller – December 2017

Essential Tremor and Healing

*I”m moving some of the more interesting blog posts from my other website to here. This is from September 2017.*

In my bios across social media, I state that I live with essential tremor (or on the shorter bios, just have #essentialtremor), but I don’t think many people really know what that is, or what it looks like. Tremors come in many shapes and forms, including Parkinson’s, but the type I have affects my hands and arms – and in extreme stress, my head and voice. Katharine Hepburn had essential tremor, though almost all reports mislabeled it Parkinson’s.

I’ve been sick with bronchitis the past two weeks, and as always, medications mess with my tremors. Even ones that are for tremors!! I had hoped to go into work today, not only to give the poor man who is covering my days a break, but because bills don’t stop for illness. 😉

Instead, this is how my day is going, and will until my meds are gone in another week or two. And there’s no guarantee that they will calm back down after the meds are gone, either. Last time it took months.

On the cool side, when I send someone energy (and especially in person), sometimes it feels like an internal energetic massage, and from what I hear, feels really good!

Life’s never boring, is it? 😉

©Pip Miller – September 2017/December 2017



2018 Word for the Year

I try to choose a word as my guide, my affirmation, my mantra each year, and this year I didn’t have to think twice because it popped into my head as soon as I thought about next year’s.

It’s thrive. I want to thrive. Not just monetarily, which is the first thing that comes to mind, but in all ways. In my health, my relationships, my day job, my healing work, my writing, my creativity (which has been sadly neglected for way, way too long)…everything. Every single aspect of my life.

I am acting as if today, Yule/Winter Solstice, is New Year’s Day (would make sense, wouldn’t it, as today the days begin to grow longer again here in the Northern Hemisphere) and made one big step towards improving my health. It’s a big step, a hard step, and something that I haven’t been to sustain in the past, so I’m not really going to get into it until around my birthday in March. 🙂

Akhilandeshvari by Tim Foley from Llewellyn’s 2018 Witches’ Companion.

~ I love that image, and the article by Stephanie Woodfield that talks about her. Her name means, “never not broken.” ~

I’m diving back into Leonie Dawson’s world, simply because she has been so wildly successful, and it’s really all been based on the fact that she never pretends to be someone she’s not. I tend to try to fit a persona that I think others expect, and that never goes well for me…hence the revisiting of her website. I can be me quite easily in my locked social media account, but not so well elsewhere. My goal is to change that.

I plan to move my healing website here, simply because of WordPress’s community aspect, which, sadly, Weebly does not have. I’ll be creating a static front page, then migrating the healing the content over here into individual subpages.

I also plan to write newsletters, aka ‘postcards’ more regularly, too (and no, there is no way to center the description on that). The world has become way too interesting (read ‘freak-out scary’), and being able to stay connected in the possible chance that some social media sites may disappear due to the end of Net Neutrality is that goal. I’m thinking once a month is not too annoying…what do you think?

There’s more, but you get the jist. Do you choose a word for the year to guide you? What’s your word? Comment below!!

©Pip Miller – December 2017

Long time, no see…

I haven’t written here since August?? Wow, I didn’t realize it had been so long. I sit down to write, but nothing comes to mind…there’s so much going on in the world and so much stress we’re all dealing with, and I easily get swept up in the despair and fear. Which leaves not a lot of anything in my mind worth publishing here.

My intention this year was to find one or two platforms to hang out on, rock them, and grow my healing business. Instead, I’m all over the place, jumping from one to another (hello, Pisces), and nothing is growing.

I do miss writing, so you’ll forgive me if this becomes more like a LiveJournal blog than a purpose-driven one. Maybe by having this as the focal point, I will be able to shift through the rest of the sites and figure out where I really, truly want to hang out. Twitter, my go-to, is filled with all the horrors of this year; Instagram, while void of the horror, implemented FB’s stupid algorithm, and when you log in, posts from 4+ days ago show up. It’s incredibly annoying, and I find that many pictures aren’t showing up in my feed, just as posts don’t show up on FB (which I do NOT use). I’m trying Tumblr again, but not sure how that will go: I really just chose it because chronological timelines are still intact there. It may not last, because what the hell am I thinking, adding another iron in the fire??

Hunh…it feels like I’m so many other places, but that must be because of the social media work I do for a friend, which adds a few more accounts to my plate. There is my healing website, but I haven’t blogged anything there for months, either. Right now it’s pretty much just a static site.

I would love nothing more than to step away from everything until the new year, but it’s not possible. Are you feeling overwhelmed, too? How do you handle it and still stay connected?

I guess the real question is, why do we feel we MUST stay connected? 99% of the people I follow are ones I will most likely never meet in person. So what feeds the need to interact as we all do, following more and more people, friending more and more…why? How close are we really, when it come right down to it?

I’m just rambling here, trying to get my mind used to writing again, so apologies if this is a bit disjointed. 🙂

©Pip Miller – December 2017


Revisiting the Bullet Journal

A year or so ago, I tried out bullet journaling (bujo for short), but it was too chaotic, disorganized and repetitive, so I went back to my Filofax. And, in the manner of many planner users, that hasn’t quite fit the bill, either. The rings are in the way, I carry around a ton of stuff that I never use or look at…I love, love, love my Malden, but…I need to try something else.

I don’t remember what led me to bujo videos on youtube the other day, but I was quickly caught up in them and decided to give the system another try.

I had a nice hardcover notebook on hand, which I wouldn’t normally use except that this one lays flat when open. I wrote my key (which is still undergoing changes) and a little “if you find this” note and taped them inside the front cover.

My last bujo’s index was a mess. I wrote dang near everything there, because if I want to find something, I want to be able to find it NOW. As a result, it was insane, and part of why I decided to drop this system. This time it will be a bit more general, but in a way, hopefully, that I’ll still have a sense of where to look for a particular entry.

I’m too lazy to write little calendars for the year-at-a-glance, and I just happened to have one of those little calendars that insurance companies will give you, and I cut the tiny ‘month before and after’ ones and taped them in. Easy-peasy. 🙂

I found the weekly set-up in a video (sorry, I don’t remember which one), and as I prefer a weekly view, gave it a shot. I already know that it’s not big enough, so next week will be a week-on-two-pages setup. Otherwise I’ll end up with tons of notes elsewhere, and I really don’t want that.  I’m also trying out trackers, but I don’t know if I’ll stick with them. I’ve also made some mistakes, as you can see, and the perfectionist in me has managed not to freak out and start all over…go, me!

After the weekly page I have a sort of daily setup, where I’m writing notes. When I go to the 2-page setup, I may drop that. Or do more of a brain dump section. I’m not sure yet.

I just started using a bujo over the weekend, so I’m curious to see how I tweak it and how it ends up working for me. Fingers crossed!

©Pip Miller – August 2017

PS: update on the marmot. All 4 of her paws were burnt. 😦 It seems that when people go camping in northern NM and CO, marmots crawl up under the hood and when the vehicle is started, they are too scared to move and end up riding under there til the car stops. Ouch! They healed her paws and drove her to northern NM and released her into a family of marmots. It’s not hers, but at least she’ll have an easy time fitting in; if she was male, territory issues would cause problems. So she’s ok!!! #happydance

Wildlife and Energy Healing Repost

Wildlife and Energy Healing


Oh, what a week I’ve had! I don’t usually like to blog on Fridays, but there hasn’t been time until now to tell you what’s been going on.

Monday a woman brought a wounded crow with her to her therapy session next to my work, and when she went in, she left it in a box on the porch. Our reader for the day, Christina Florence, saw the bird and asked if we knew it was there. She and my coworker Mark went out to look at it, and when I went outside, he said it had died. I love crows and ravens, and have never seen one up close, so I had to go look anyway. It wasn’t dead, it was alive!

Mark carried the box into the shop, we gave it water that had a pastille of Rescue Remedy in it, and he moved her to a larger box, too. He discovered that it had an injury to its chest and was breathing with difficulty. The woman, who, come to find out, is a customer of ours named Stephanie, walked in, saying she knew the missing bird meant we had taken her in, and she was on her way to deliver it to the Wildlife Rescue center on Candelaria. As the bird was being carried to the door, Mark asked if I wanted to “do my magic”, which I’d been jonesin’ to do, and put the box on the counter.


 *we were so invested in the experience that none of us thought to take a picture.

​The bird was calm through all of this, and I wasn’t worried as I put my left hand on her chest and the other on her back. Very quickly she began leaning into my hand, and after a few minutes, she turned her head, tucked it up against my hand and her “shoulder” (for lack of a better description)…and FELL ASLEEP! In my hands! I asked the others how to tell if a bird is asleep, because I wanted to be sure that what I thought was happening really was happening, and they verified that she was sleeping. I was floored. And the moment she fell asleep, the heat in my right hand, which I usually don’t feel, intensified exponentially: healing always seems to do its best work when the recipient is sleeping. 🙂

My guy and I drove down to the center Wednesday morning to check up on the bird, but sadly she had died the night before. I was, and still am, crushed. But, as everyone keeps telling me, I gave her some moments of peace in the midst of all her pain, so there’s that to hold on to.

Then….Wednesday night it was discovered that what all the neighbors thought was someone’s squeaky swamp cooler belt was actually a trapped woodchuck! It was stuck in a 4″ wide space between our neighbor’s shed and our cinder-block wall. It had been there for about a week, sad to say. I’d gone outside Monday morning and the noise started again, and I discovered it was his shed, not a cooler, but thought it was a ventilation fan or something, and didn’t see him to tell him til Wednesday night. After the discovery of the animal, one of our dogs must have knocked a loose brick off the wall and it trapped it even more. My guy and another neighbor used long clamps to lift the brick, but they couldn’t move the other items and we had to leave it there, unsure if it would make it through another night.

When we came inside, I sent it light for over half and hour (and boy, it sucked that energy in!), hoping that it would help. In the morning it was chirping away as we tried to move the rest of the items, but it needed to be done from the neighbor’s yard. When he returned home, he and his wife pulled out some of the things, then he physically lifted a large topstone brick that was stuck about 4′ down. He used one hand. Mechanic’s strength. 😉 Finally all obstacles were removed, but the critter still wouldn’t move, but it kept looking at us and chirping away.

My guy, the incredibly inventive man that he is, made a catch-pole like Animal Control uses and the neighbor managed, after 4 tries and one OOPS when it feel back down, to pull the critter up and dropped it into a humane cage that he had.

We drove it down to the exact same rescue center (that neither of us had known existed til Monday) and they said no one had ever brought one in before! The workers all came into the reception area to see what was making that noise – many thought it was a bird – and one wanted to take pictures. They weren’t sure if they took in woodchucks and attempted to call others to find out, and if not, to where it should be taken. We had to leave it there without any answers, but I can call in a couple days to find out where it is and how it is doing. Hopefully it will be relocated to somewhere lovely!

And that, my dears, has been my week! Animal Planet live and energy healer to the wildlife. #relishlife

©Pip Miller – July 2017
PS: every time I play that video, Dog 1 runs out the back door, straight for that corner of the yard. 😉
Update 8/3/2017: technically she is a yellow-bellied marmot! And she’s doing well, being cared for by a vet because all 4 paws were injured. No new home yet.


Writing Again

Hey, all. 🙂

I took that blogging break, and it extended to a lot longer than expected, but I’m back! I miss this blog and the creativity I feel when I sit down to write here.

My horoscope for this week (starts today) hit the nail on the head so clearly that I laughed when I read it. “I believe it may be the right time to tinker with or repair a foundation; to dig down to the bottom of an old resource and consider transforming it at its roots.”…oh, yeah. And that “old resource” is this blog. I have an idea how to transform it, not a total reboot, but still, different from what it’s been, for sure.

Hope to have you stick around…or come back if you’ve been gone, too. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. 🙂

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – May 2017

MeWe Because Privacy Matters

I’ve been talking about privacy for a while now, and it’s still difficult to get people to switch to apps and extensions that promote that, sadly. I won’t give up, though!

In that vein, I’m back to promoting a site that doesn’t track you or sell your info: MeWe. It’s reminiscent of Facebook, but has its own tweaks to the format. Right off, you should read the Privacy policy and then take the Challenge and see how your social media sites are stalking you. I’m using Opera as my browser, with it’s VPN on, I have a bunch of extensions such as FB disconnect, Twitter disconnect, ad block going, and yet when I ran the challenge just now, it shows that there are at least 101 tracking cookies stalking me. The most, naturally, are from FB, and Twitter is next. That’s scary. MeWe promises that it doesn’t track anything, and that we the members own our content. Granted, it’s a promise we are taking on faith, but my hope is that it holds true.

I like that you can create private groups (I have one just for my family), as well as public ones, just as with FB. You also have a feed called “My World”, in which you can post public (‘public’ meaning for MeWe members only) stuff, or you can choose to only post to groups and have absolutely nothing show as ‘public’.

There are a lot of groups you can join if you’d like to go for that FB/Twitter feel, too.

Each profile comes with an 8GB cloud, which you can click on, see what you have in there, and even delete items. Once you hit that 8GB, you can purchase more room for a monthly fee (prices vary according to how many GB you desire).

So far it seems like a neat place, it just needs more people! Sign up here, or through the link to my profile. Once you sign up, be sure to go to ‘Settings’ and set things up the way that makes you feel comfortable. And for each group you join/create, do the same (settings for your profile do not translate to setting for groups). One setting I always choose is that no one can share my posts or pictures outside the group…that’s an important one to me. I also disable the chat option, though there is no way to minimize the chat box when you’re viewing a group. 😦

Give it a whirl! I just told my coworker about it yesterday (another “I hate to use FB, but my family does…” grumbler), and he’s excited to dive in and get his friends and family to move there. Privacy matters, especially now!

©Pip Miller – March 2017

ETA: Forgot. There’s also a phone app, too!